The Swedish Knowledge Train

The Swedish Knowledge Train is operated by the Science Center Technichus in collaboration with Mid Sweden University, Norrdans, Dans i VästernorrlandHärnösands Folkhögskola og Kulturskolan i Sundsvall.












The Science Center Technichus will focus its activities on developing, testing and using a new app for measuring the impact of different science communication outreach activities. It is an interactive application used by pupils and teachers. Together with the Swedish Union of Science Centers, members of the union around Sweden will plan various outreach projects. They will use the app for measurements, collect data and share with the Swedish Science Center Union, along with documentation of their activities.




The Swedish team of the Knowledge Train would like to let as many science centers in Sweden as possible do 1-2 tours in each regions periphery parts; measure what kind of methods used in the tours makes most impression on the pupils with the application earlier mentioned; and collect documentations and results from each tour and give to partners in the Knowledge train, as collection of good examples.





Each tour is planned and performed by each science center and must comprise at least 4 different shows or lectures and include at least four branches of science. This means that we will not be able to offer the same content in the shows all over Sweden. The documentation from each tour will be given to the participants of The Nordic Knowledge Train, as a collection of good examples.





We hope to reach many children and youngsters by including the union of science centers in Sweden and will use the project to measure educational methods, which can also give results to all other participants in the Knowledge Train and also the Biophilia project. Tours will take place in the period of June to October, in different parts of Sweden and different locations, depending on how many centers participate and where they are located. Each tour is estimated to last for 2 days.




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