The Science Feast

The Icelandic Knowledge Train crew sets up a science feast at every place it visits. The Science Feast is open for all and great entertainment for the whole family - the young and adults.

The Science feast is diverse and vivid, with the emphasis on fun as well as education. For example, shows from Sprengjugengið, the Bomb Squad, have featured. The Bomb Squad is a group of chemistry and biochemistry students from the University of Iceland. They have become renowned for their magnificent shows using all sorts of chemistry tricks to entertain the audience. During the shows, which are always very well attended, the main priority is to introduce the public to chemistry by showing a variety of chemical reactions and physical properties of matter. Proceedings usually conclude with powerful explosions - a key attraction of the shows.

Other attractions include, for example, all sorts of equipment and machinery brought by our physicists, and examples of the wonders of the earth brought by our geologists. Guests have also had the opportunity to try out their strength on a special bike; dived into tanks searching for crabs and o

ther marine creatures; and had their names written in Japanese. Another popular attraction is the Astronomy Tent, where our astronomers guide our guests on a journey though the universe, offering all sorts of wisdom on stars and other cosmic phenomena.

Companies, research institutions and natural history museums in the places visit

ed are always invited to take part in the Science Feast and introduce their activities. This provides the young people witd ideas about the opportunities education can give you, and how to use it in the future. 

The Science Feast is always well attended. Young and old have spent hours at the Science Feast and everyone finds something to suit their interests.

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