The Norwegian Knowledge Train

The Norwegian Knowledge Train includes the activities of the Jærmuseet Science Circus that are all in the category of outreach, and will reach far, as they will be visiting Faroe Islands with their diverse show. They will also travel to rural areas in Norway and visit Biophilia schools. Their activities take place from June 2015 to March 2016.



The main activities of the knowledge train are knowledge days in Flekkefjord and Sand, a tour to Faroe Islands and inspirational visits to the schools involved in the Biophilia project.

The UN year of Light and light technology will also get its part in the programme. The schools involved are Fjelltun (Strand municipality), Goa (Randaberg municipality), Tu (Klepp municipality) and Madlavoll (City of Stavanger). The age groups of the schools are 1.-7. grade (6-13 years old). This part of the programme takes place in October and November.




The schools involved in the knowledge days are chosen because of their location. Flekkefjord is a small town where the largest nearby city is 100 km away. Sand in Ryfylke is a very rural area, it covers more than 1/6 of the area of Rogaland.The rural schools have less opportunity to visit the Science centers due to lack of funds for transport, and also that large part of the school hour would be lost in travel time.





We emphasize a wide cooperation with other institutes, businesses and nearby municipalities. That of course includes cooperating with the Biophilia Steering Group and therefore we aim to strengthen their Education Project by inspirational visits to the schools where they will pilot their project.

In the activities above our partners will be: The University of Stavanger, Fjelltun skole, Goa skole, Madlavoll skole, Tu skule, Teknisk senter Flekkefjord, Flekkefjord ungdomsskole, Flekkefjord vidaregåande skule, Flekkefjord kommune, Flekkefjord industriforeining.

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