HEUREKA workshops

Heureka arranged an opportunity for teachers to participate in STEAM workshops. A Teacher's Education Day was held at Heureka on 21 May 2016. The programme was similar to the science camps arranged for children The teachers worked in Heureka's lab and participated in two workshops. All the material created by Heureka during the project has been translated into English and Swedish, making the STEAM workshops (below) available forr all - from schools on Iceland to science centres in Sweden.

About the Nordic Knowledge Train

The Nordic Knowledge Train offers dynamic and exciting presentations of science and innovation for the public at every stop.  The aim is to communicate science to people of all ages with a diverse programme that will both educate and entertain. On board the train are, among others, University scientists, lecturers and graduate students. The crew's ambition is to show the value and content of science; on a global and local scale.  

The Nordic Knowledge Train is a part of Iceland’s presidency in the Nordic Council of Ministers in 2014. The Train is modelled on the Icelandic Knowledge Train. Participating countries are the Faroe Islands, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

Nordic partners

Our partners in the Nordic countries are Frodskaparsetur Föroyja in the Faroe Islands, Sisimut College in Greenland, Heureka Science Centre in Finland, Jærmuseet, Vitengarden in Norway and Technichus, Harnössand in Sweden.

Activities of the Nordic Partners

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