The Icelandic Knowledge Train

Háskólalestin. The Icelandic Knowledge Train.The Icelandic Knowledge Train has toured Iceland since the spring of 2011, offering a dynamic presentation of science for the whole family. It is intended to showcase the value and nature of scientific activity and the ways in which science contributes to local economies and the environment. 

The Train offers free courses for children, chosen from the University of the Young. It also offers a Science Feast which is open to everyone, including a planetarium, demonstrartion experiments and a team of chemists putting on a show with a whole lot of explosions and surprises. The Train also offers Biophilia workshops, both as courses in the schools and at the Science Feast.

Háskólalestin. The Icelandic Knowledge Train.The Train provides unique opportunities for reaching remote areas and communities that seldom have access to events of this kind, enhancing public engagement and opening up new possibilities for social inclusion.

Due to the differing circumstances in each station the Train is very flexible regarding content. Adapting the programme to the needs of different school levels is easy, as is changing subject matters to suit differences in the environment and the local economy. Local knowledge based companies are also invited to participate in the Science Feast.

The staff, as well as the programme of the Train, are carefully selected to provide positive role models for young people. The gender ratio is equal and the subjects presented are intended to both provide basic information and provoke critical thinking.

The Icelandic Research Council award for Science Communication was awarded to the Icelandic Knowledge Train in 2012.

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