The Icelandic Knowledge Train

The Icelandic Knowledge Train first toured Iceland in the spring of 2011, offering a dynamic presentation of science for all age groups. Its main focus is on demonstrating to young people the value and nature of scientific activity, and providing a varied programme for the whole family. The Train has been very popular from the outset, and people of all ages come and enjoy the event when the Train comes to town.

The Train offers free courses for children, chosen from the University of the Young. It also offers a Science Feast which is open to everyone, including a planetarium, demonstration experiments and a team of chemists putting on a show with a whole lot of explosions. The Train also includes Biophilia workshops, both in schools and at the Science Feast.

The Train provides unique opportunities for reaching remote areas and communities that seldom have access to events of this kind, enhancing public engagement and opening up new possibilities for social inclusion.

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