The Finnish Knowledge Train

The Finnish Knowledge Train includes new programs and methods according to the STEAM approach, as well as a teacher education day and material. This will benefit all other partners of the Train in their activities for young people, as well as their staff. It will also benefit teachers, in Finland and in the other participating countries.




In the Knowledge Train program the Finnish Science Centre Heureka will develop interactive workshop programs for summer camp and shool children; develop new teaching methods according to the STEAM approach combining art, science and new technology; bring these new educational methods to the Finnish schools throught teacher education sessions and share learning materials via the Internet, and provide all of the produced programs and materials to the Nordic Knowledge Train team.

Inspired by the Biophilia App created by Björk, Heureka is developing a workshop programme which combines the Lunar month and its different stages, the physics of sound and composing music.




The International Year of Light will be a part of the program and Heureka is developing a workshop focusing on Light. The workshop is aimed for school and summer camp children aged 7-15 years.

Heureka will execute a Teacher’s Saturday education day themed to support the STEAM approach in schools. Combining art, science and new technology into everyday teaching enables multiple and inspiring new learning methods for both teachers and students. During the teacher education day teachers are given tools, methods and ideas to bring arts into science education. Teachers will also be guided to use modern technology helping them in the quickly changing society. Learning methods and tools will also be written in a guide booklet, which will be shared via the Internet. 

All of the produced programs and materials will be provided to the Nordic Knowledge Train team.

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