Science feast with all the partners

Roughly 300 children gathered in Fossvogsskóli, Iceland in October where participants from all the Nordic knowledge trains came together in a large science feast. The children got the chance to try out all sorts of fun experiments from all the participants, such as experiments with light, sound, programming and building wind generators.

The science feast marked a formal end to the two year project, which was a part of Iceland's presidency in the Nordic Council of Ministers, along with the Biophilia project. The Nordic Knowledge Train was modelled on the Icelandic Knowledge Train, that has toured Iceland since 2011 and visited nearly 30 places in Iceland.

The participating countries built up their own travelling programmes, also called trains, and visited schools and people of all ages introducing science and knowledge in a fun and dynamic way. The participants then showcased a what they had offered in their trains in Fossvogsskóli, which was greatly appreciated by the young students and their teachers. On offer were for example workshops where children tried out building wind generators and measuring their speed; experiments with an earhquake app, different sounds, instruments, lights, just to mention a few. The science feast was a great success, as is best shown in the photos taken that day. They are to be found on our Facebook page, here.


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